Bank account a bit sad? Here’s how to make it a little happier.

If you find yourself digging in the couch for some lunch money, or desperately searching pockets for beer tokens, here are some money-saving tips that you might actually follow. Don’t worry we won’t have you making your own soap – but you can try it if you want!

Bring the party to you

Chances are your mates are in the same financial boat as you. Yes it might be taking on water – but it’s not sunk yet. Save cash by having some fun! Instead of heading out to a trendy overpriced over-hyped new bar – bring the boutique beers to you. Invite some friends over, have them bring some food and not-so overpriced boutique beers of their choice and you supply the fun. Make a Spotify playlist, dig up some games – Cards Against Humanity anyone?! Voila, insta-fun!

Make and take your lunch

It may not seem like much, but $10 or $15 on lunch can add up quick. It’s also one of the easiest ways to save money.  Serious money. Up to $5,000 a year. And no, you don’t have to be Curtis Stone to make a great lunch and save money. It’s as simple as making a sandwich and cutting up some fresh veggies. Check out these super easy lunch ideas.

Carpool karaoke

Work with a mate that lives close? Take turns riding together. Sure, it may be super awkward at first, but you might meet your John or Kayleigh.  Take a page out of James Corden’s book and why not karaoke all the way to the office? Don’t have a ride share buddy? Try walking or biking to work. Or try Transperth. It’s surprisingly good.  Not only saves you money – but let’s you sleep, people watch, catch up on podcasts and do your bit to stop polar bears from drowning.

Say goodbye to the gym – not that you ever really said hello to it

Do you have a gym membership that’s just collecting dust? While you may keep telling yourself you’ll get there, all you’re really doing is draining your bank account. Muster up the courage and break up with your gym. Get outside, go for a run or find a fun home workout. There are tons of apps on your phone you can try or try these free ways to work out.

Get some renters insurance

Wait, what? Okay, yes we’ve been telling you to cut down on the purchases, but Suresy can provide renters insurance super cheap. And without it, you could be risking a huge financial loss if you suffered a fire or were a victim to theft. Remember, a home is burgled every 20 mins in WA.  Can you imagine having to come up with cash to replace all your favorite things at one time? Probably not.

Click on over and start your quote right now. We know you’re just hanging out looking for something to do to save money.