Essential renters insurance for students


Going to Uni can be a fun and exciting time. But it can also be full of fear of the unknown. For some this is the first time away from home.  The sudden freedom plus new responsibility can be overwhelming for anyone. Especially when the unexpected happens.  For example, you lose your notebook with all your research notes, or leave your phone in someone else’s room and it disappears.

 Adjusting to life away from home

Once an item like a phone or notebook is missing, anxiety kicks in and panic takes over. These things are your lifelines. Replacing them could mean a dreaded call to mum and dad letting them know that again, you lost something important.  It could mean stumping up the cash to get a replacement so you can finish your course.  A new notebook or phone could set you back heaps.

Don’t get discouraged. Suresy has the answer for you, and it’s as simple as beans on toast.  You ready for the magic solution?  And it is … Renters Insurance!  Yay!  All you need to make sure your dreams don’t come crashing down around you, or your bank account doesn’t take a hit, is insurance!  And the crowd goes wild!!!

OK, but seriously, I don’t lose things

It’s awesome that you’re so responsible.  But let’s say after a hectic day in lectures you go to meet some friends at the outdoor cinema.  Rather than go back to your room, put your stuff away and go out again, you go straight there from class.  You barely get there before the film starts, but once it does; you and your mates have a great evening.  All is well until you wake up to find you left your bag with your notebook and backup tablet out on the cinema lawn.  Panicked, you call to see if anyone turned it in.  As if.

Sure, everything is backed-up to the cloud. But how are you going to get by? What will you use in class for the next few weeks?

A renters policy from Suresy can help you replace the notebook and tablet – after all, you didn’t lose it on purpose.

All the things that make your life go round

Notebooks and phones aren’t the only things Suresy can help protect. Other items covered by insurance can include include your clothes, glasses, computers, furniture, jewellery and sports equipment.  Think about the things you love most.

The other thing many students don’t realise is the protection provided by legal liability cover.  Most people know that home and contents policies cover you for damage to possessions – but what about damage to people or their property?

Picture the scene: You’re hosting a party at your house, and everyone is talking, laughing and having a good time. Without warning, a guest slips on your rug and suffers broken bones from the resulting fall. If someone suffers an accidental injury while on your property, you could be legally liable. This can result in you paying a substantial amount of money in damages. To save you from huge costs in the event of an accident, it’s important to have legal liability cover.

Imagine if you accidentally start a kitchen fire and it scorches the ceiling. Or you crash your drone through the neighbour’s window.

Suresy renters insurance covers this too. It helps you to pay costs if you injure others or damage their property. It’ll even cover you if you’re taken to court, including the related legal fees. We hope you’ll never have your day in court but, if you do, renters insurance may be the fix.

And the amazing thing is – the cost of having all this peace of mind can be as low as just a few dollars a month.  You don’t have to list the stuff you want covered.  Simply decide on the level of cover you want and away you go.  What are you waiting for? You can complete a quote online while you wait for your next class!

Renters insurance is also an excellent way to show mum and dad how responsible you’ve become while away at Uni.

Suresy is changing how you look at insurance

Uni is like a roller coaster ride, full of incredible highs and overwhelming lows.  But knowing you have the protection you need for the most prized possessions in your life will allow you to rest easy.

While not in the dictionary, Suresy means ‘insurance made easy’ – and that goes for students like you.

Heading over to Melbs or Sydney for the weekend?  No worries, with Suresy your stuff is covered anywhere in Australia.

For all the techie stuff, visit our FAQ section and learn all the things you need to about renters insurance.