How to have the perfect weekend in Scarborough, WA

Ever find yourself in a rut of going to the same bar or cafe over and over again? Or maybe a long work week has you slumped in front of the gogglebox with a cold one. If city life is getting to you and you’re feeling restless, maybe you need to vamoose from your Perth bubble this weekend.  Scarborough may have just what you’re looking for (side note: not sure what this ‘vamoose’ business is and if you should be doing it? Well, it just means get out quick).

Move over smashed avo

Smashed avo’d out? Then Lady Latte has your cure of cheesy, delicious jaffles – basically our new favourite brunch go-to. This little cafe in Scarborough, Lady Latte has a breakfast and lunch menu with a wide selection of their signature jaffles, plus sweet treats and good coffee. Perfect for a Sunday catch up with the girls, or a quiet spot to relax after a big night.


Fancy an active weekend?

Inside or outside, Scarborough locals know a few good spots to stretch, relax and workout to shake off the working week.

Need a stretch or to feel the burn? The Yoga Garage is ready to see you sweat. With classes for all skill levels, you’ll get so hot and sweaty you’ll burn extra calories trying not to slip off your mat! Visit The Yoga Garage to get your yoga on.

Scarborough steps

The steps are the next best thing to Jacob’s Ladder north of the river, and only a 7 min walk from Lady Latte you can’t complain. With the sun shining, head down to Joyce Street next to Abbett Park and spend a morning getting your heart pumping – for no cost!

Retail therapy

Does your look need some love? The Ginger Owl boutique has what every bodacious beach babe needs to look their boho best. They stock clothes, accessories, homewares and lifestyle goods to keep you and your home looking fresh. Visit The Ginger Owl to see the latest styles.

Relax away

Is the stress from your 9-5 showing on your face? Let Serene Day Spa & Beauty show you some proper pampering and give your skin the TLC it deserves. Visit Serene Day Spa & Beauty for booking information.


Check in for a fuss free weekend

What better way to start and end your day in Scarbs than in a comfy bed, killer food and to die for views of the Indian Ocean? Let Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough find you an affordable stay so you can really indulge. The likes of Bono, Kylie, Cher and Robbie Williams have all stayed there. Visit Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough to learn more about this iconic beachfront hotel.

Hungry hungry hippo

All that shopping and yoga-ing can work up an appetite. The Hardware Store has just the menu to tame your hunger. It serves an exquisite breakfast and lunch menu from a 60-year-old Scarborough neighbourhood fixture. You can’t pick a loser with options like mushroom bruschetta, herb crumbed poached eggs with prosciutto, pulled pork sandwiches and a grilled squid and chorizo salad. Visit The Hardware Store Cafe for more.

Beaches galore

The last reason you should visit Scarborough is because you’re all about that beach, beach baby. Scarborough has it all, beaches for your pets, your kids and for those who want to let it all hang out. Plus, take advantage of the brand new outside geothermal new pool development at Scarborough Beach. The 8-lane, 50-metre beach-side pool is located close to the iconic Scarborough beach amphitheatre, plus there’s a second 25-metre, 4-lane pool. These pools took 5 days to fill with 2.75 million litres of water. Visit Scarborough Beach or Scarborough Pool for more information.

Don’t leave home without protection

Now before you run away for a raucous weekend away, you need to be sure your stuff is well protected. It only takes seconds for a fire to start or for a thief to see an empty home as an invite to score some new loot. Luckily, Suresy can protect all the things important to you against fire, theft and even accidental damage. From your phone, and in less than 2 minutes, you can have everything from your favorite PS4 games to your MacBook Pro covered. Shuffle on over and start your quote and relax later.

*None of these places paid us for the shout out, but if they’re listening we’re always down for a collab! Seriously, our business may be insurance, but even we know a chill weekend away from home can be the best restart button.