Renters insurance is a no brainer


Renters often think they don’t need insurance because they don’t own the home. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even renters are at risk of fire, theft, natural disasters or other bad things. Renters insurance is designed to protect all the things that you’ve worked so hard for.

I just rent my home, I don’t own it.

More than 90 homes a day are burgled in WA.  Thieves don’t care if you own or if you rent, they just see opportunity. As a renter, you may not own the actual structure, but you do own all the things that make it a home.  Remember how long it took you to make money to pay for your brand new MacBook or flat screen TV? Now, think about having to replace all of those things due to something unforeseen, like a fire, flood or theft.  And nope, your landlord isn’t responsible for replacing your favourite items. You are.

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it?  What if there was a low cost way for you to protect your most cherished possessions? Something to give you peace of mind that all of your favourite things are protected. Well, that’s exactly what Suresy can do for you by providing simple, instant and affordable renters insurance.

What can renters insurance do for me?

Is your home the hangout spot for all your friends? Do all of your best buds come over, bringing their best buds and before you know it you have 20 new friends? Sounds fun right?  But what if one of those new friends accidentally (or not so accidentally) takes your brand new Google Pixel 2?  Sure you’d be crushed, not only did you lose all your pics and data but now you have to shell out a big stack of cash to replace it.  If you’d bought renters insurance from Suresy, you’d be covered.

Let’s say you’re testing out your culinary skills when you accidentally catch the kitchen on fire. Not only is dinner burned but now you have to pay for the damaged room.  Plus, you’ll have to replace all the appliances, furniture, dishes and whatever else you had in there.  Chances are your bank account isn’t going to survive a hit like that.  And like most people, your credit card is probably maxed out.  But for as little as $3 a month, Suresy can provide the cover for all your stuff including those kitchen repairs.

Another scenario, let’s say someone gets hurt while hanging out at your house. Maybe they copped a 5-iron in the face as you demonstrated your lounge room golfing skills. Or maybe Bruno your pet cat went feral and attacked your best mate.  Since it’s your residence, you could be responsible for covering the medical bills. And medical treatment can get expensive. But because you’re super smart, you bought a renters policy from Suresy and have $20,000,000 legal liability cover to help with those costs.

Sounds fair enough, but I’m still not convinced.

Let’s do a little role playing. Sit on your couch or floor or bed or wherever you can see all your belongings.  Start with the TV, gaming system, computer, couch, designer clothes, jewellery, sports equipment, blah, blah, blah.  As you look at each item, think of the cost for that item. It doesn’t take long to see that it adds up pretty quickly. Now close your eyes and imagine everything is gone.  This might be from a fire or a crafty thief, who saw on your social media you’d be on holiday and thought this was a good time to take all your stuff.  What would you do? Do you have the funds to replace everything at once? Probably not. You can’t afford not to have renters insurance.  And at Suresy we make it easy for you to get the cover you need, nothing more, nothing less.