Renting? You’ll want to read this


At Suresy, we believe in making renters insurance easy to understand and easy to get. We also think that educating you on the importance of renters insurance is key.

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to bore you with a long-winded tale of how cover works. Instead, we’ll tell a true story of how paying for a renters insurance policy helped one tenant replace more than $11,000 worth of contents.

It all went up in flames

Do you have a games or rumpus room with a TV? Or another area where you have a wall-mounted air conditioner? This particular insured did, just like many others.

On 3 April 2018 the insured lodged a claim for fire damage to their rumpus room.  The forensic fire report said the cause of the fire was probably an electrical fault in the electrical cable supplying energy to the air conditioner or TV. Yikes!

And at this point in the story, you may think the landlord is responsible for the lost items. They aren’t. Your belongings are up to you to replace.

Okay, so now you may be wondering what was lost in the fire. Well, for this renter, they lost:

• Fridge
• Couches x 2
• Wooden bar
• Poker table & chips
• Dartboard
• 42” TV and antenna
• Bikes x 2
• Shelving
• Bookcase
• 15 bottles of wine
• 15 bottles of spirits
• 5 cartons of beer
• Sound system
• Music posters/frames
• Football
• 1 Wheelbarrow
• 5 big plastic plant pots
• Nerf guns x 4 & darts
• Taboo board game
• 2 x Murder mystery boxed games
• Bosu ball
• Fit ball
• Pink Floyd limited edition framed signed CD set
• Cascade lager bar runner
• Wooden Barstools x 2
• CD wallet with 120 CDs

In total, they lost $11,167 of personal belongings. How many items on this list are sitting in your home right now with no insurance? Don’t worry, Suresy can get you covered – and for less than you might think!

Rest easy knowing your claim will be handled quickly

RAC handled the fire insurance claim. The same RAC that handle all Suresy claims.

It took just 15 days to settle this claim. What the insured did to help with the speed of settlement was provide good proof of ownership. This helped validate the loss. You can help yourself by reading how to value your stuff here. You can also keep track of your photos or receipts in an app like My eVault. Having a claim like this settled so swiftly is super beneficial when you’re trying to rebuild your life after a fire.

Aren’t fire claims rare?

Sure, fires may be rare, but when they happen, they can be disastrous. Do you really want to gamble you won’t be one of the two structural fires Perth firefighters fight daily? Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Can you replace a list of items like the above without renters insurance? Probably not. Let Suresy get you the cover you need in a couple of minutes. What are you waiting for? Start your quote now.